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  • This motorist pulled into my lane & turned on his headlights. Then turned off his headlights as he pulled back into right lane. I attempted to confront him at the next light to see what his problem was with my en voyage & he denied that he flashed his headlights at me, he spoke it should have been his 'Daytime Running Lamps'. Sir, if u didn't shift ur lights on & off, undoubtedly something is inaccurate with ur headlights! Daytime running lights shift on 1 when there is low light such as a tunnel & don't go on & off. Get ur lights fixed before they shift off at night & no one can see ur car.

    • Car Details: Green CHEVROLET S-10
    • Last Seen Location: Ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous November 14, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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