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  • My Fiance & I was en voyage south on 99th avenue just previous Thomas. This Chrysler came up on our left hand side & started to tail obtain a pick up truck to our left just infront of us that we was passing at in regards 55mph. The White Chrysler decides to just start approaching above into our lane. The woman in the auto did not check nor did she even signal to come above into our lane of travel. We had the top down on the auto we beeped a lot a lot times & even yelled at her since her windows was down. It finished up with us on the sholder (dirt) & approaching very close to getting smash by few ignorant woman. Thank god they didnt smash our brand new freakin car. You would think with bright HIDs & shinny paint individuals would see you!

    • Car Details: White CHRYSLER Sebring
    • Last Seen Location: Avondale, Arizona, US
    Anonymous February 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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