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  • At least one time a week amidst my morn commute on Rt 41 (Wadworth/Gurnee area) I run into this same Hyper aggressive, bloated, blonde haired motorist of this silver 2004-2006 four door Honda Accord.It was more of the same today. I quickly changed lanes & received out of her way. RT 41 is her Nascar circuit as she weaves in & out of lanes & tailgates unsuspecting drivers. Turn signals? Always optional. Leaving the proper amount of space between vehicles for safe stopping? What's that?! Common courtesy? Huh? Unfortunately it's 1 a matter of time before she takes out herself & sadly others. I hope none of u ever are involved in all mishaps with this overly aggressive speed demon. If her insurance comp 1 knew how reckless of a motorist she is. I'm thinking it's safe to assume her insurance premiums are already sky high.

    • Car Details: Silver HONDA Accord
    • Last Seen Location: Gurnee, Illinois, US
    Anonymous July 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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