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  • MC base no longer has sticker boxes with serial centered on plate. Upon reaching 9999Z, the format changed to A000A. Upon reaching Z999Z, it changed to 1AAA1. Progression: 1AAA1 to 1ZZZ9, then 2AAA1, etc. New Jersey has reached 9999Z for motorcycle plates, & has started issuing plates in the A000A format again. This format was old years ago, & was dropped in 1994 at N999Z. The new plates started at P100A. The R, S, & T series was skipped. Somewhere in the xxxxV, the 'MOTORCYCLE' caption changed from embossed to screened, however the plate nums are still embossed. Some other M/C types (such as DEALER) still have embossed captions. Motorcycle Handicapped - A349 2009-05-25 Dave Mackey Historic Motorcycle - Q4814 2009-08-18 Dave Mackey Commercial Motorcycle - XG161 2009-09-21 Bob Mackey Plate has COMM CYCLE screened on bottom.

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    Felice Batisti February 02, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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