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  • (Wire #4 today) I obtain back from LAX, & have to take a cat to the Vet. On the way home, this (alleged) illegal alien, who didnt appear to have taken all en voyage lessons, decides to go straight, rather of turning left... no biggie many of the time; however this time, it was from the left of TWO left shift lanes, into MY lane, in the middle of a intersection. Luckily, i saw this moron approaching & was able to slow enough to allow him obtain by.... most likely didnt have insurance. To top off all this dumbasses glory, he goes in regards 1/2 a block, hammers his brakes, stops in traffic to make a illegal left shift into a shopping center...

    • Car Details: white (and dirt) MITSUBISHI rodeo
    • Last Seen Location: Vista, California, US
    Anonymous January 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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