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  • THIS DRIVER ATTEMPTED TO GET ME KILLED. Tuesday, October 30, 2007 07:02am Eastbound entrance to Hwy 580 right after the toll plaza for the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge. He entered the highway from the ramp on the left which twists into the high-speed lane. I was in the lane to his right -- he was moving very slow. The speed limit on the bridge is 55, traffic approaching off the bridge is moving 65-70mph & more. Anyone who travels that corridor KNOWS how crazy traffic is. I was in the middle lane (on his right). As my front bumper was right at his back bumper, he hits the right shift signal to change lanes & cut me off. I smash the horn -- he just kept on coming. So I'm right behind him, inches. He HITS THE BRAKES & SLOWS DOWN TO 30MPH!! Traffic is screaming up behind me! As I smash the emergency flashers so no 1 will smash me. Finally when I had the chance to pass him on the left, he hits his HIGH BEAMS. White man driver, baseball cap, & a really DANGEROUS DISPOSITION.

    • Car Details: patched wht/lt. blue LINCOLN Continental
    • Last Seen Location: Richmond, California, US
    Anonymous October 30, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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