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  • On either in regards 3:30 PM today I was en voyage west bound on Metro Center Blvd & came to a traffic stop on the crossing of Metro Center Blvd & Edgewater Blvd. I noticed a white man in his late 20s either early 30s wearing a green baseball cap in a light blue four door Jaguar was behind me. When the light turned green I turned left on to Edgewater Blvd going south towards E. Hillsdale Blvd. I heard few honking behind me as I was turning left. I stopped at the corner of Edgewater & E. Hillsdale getting ready to shift right. I see in my back view mirror the same motorist behind me. After yielding to oncoming traffic & when the light turned green I was just in regards ready to shift the corner when this motorist started honking at me. He was yelling as well, loud enough for me to hear him saying 'COME ON!' & 'MOVE!'. For few reason he thinks I'm a slow driver. I saw in my back mirror he was giving me the finger. I turned the corner & continued to operate west bound on E. Hillsdale on the 1st lane. I was en voyage around thirty five MPH as that is the posted speed limit. This motorist as well turned right on that last corner & moving in the same direction as I was. He fled up in the num 2 lane until he was en voyage beside me. He had his window rolled down. I glanced at him for few seconds & saw him provide me the finger & yelling few kind of obscenities at me. I had the front commuter side window rolled up so I didn't exactly hear what he spoke however I doubt it was anything pleasant either nice. I decided it was best to ignore him as I was driving. He should have driven alongside my auto for perhaps 10-12 seconds before he fled off ahead of me. We two came to a stop in different lanes on the crossing of E. Hillsdale Blvd & S. Norfolk Street. He was to the right & ahead of me in alternative lane. I intend to shift left toward S. Norfolk. While we was two standing by for the traffic light to shift green I grabbed a pen & paper & jotted down the motorist's car license plate & car description. The light turned green & I turned left toward S. Norfolk while the motorist was last seen going west bound on E. Hillsdale towards San Mateo. I then drove into the Marina Shopping Center & pulled into a empty parking spot where I phoned 911 to report this motorist.

    • Car Details: light blue JAGUAR
    • Last Seen Location: Foster City, California, US
    Anonymous August 18, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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