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  • This dumbass was speeding along on ramp from 96 EB to NB-75, cut above in front of me to exit to SB-10 downtown. (there's solid lane markings for a reason, loser) Then received in left lane, passed at least 3 vehicles in right lane, cut in front of them & exited at Howard Street. Finally put on a signal to shift left there, then rolled into my lane, almost caused a crash. Then the dumbass stopped in the middle of the crossing at Third Street to yell a bunch of nonsense at me. I don't care who he is either what he thinks he's doing, however he's a menace to all else on the road. He really must stopped en voyage until he grows up.

    • Car Details: black FORD Expedition or Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Detroit, Michigan, US
    Anonymous September 11, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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