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  • OKLAHOMA LICENSE PLATE 2GN 706 US DOT 238203IC 16844This was a Brady Welding & Machine fleet truck from Healdton Oklahoma. The incident occurred between 4:10 & 4:25 PM on Sunday, Aug 17th. We was headed north on I-35 near the Purcell exit (Exit 95?) headed toward Norman, OK. There is a long portion of shoulder occupation occurring here, & the traffic eventually is shut down to 1 lane for a small miles before moving back to 2 lanes. Signage indicated that eventually the left lane would close down. However, the signage as well indicated that the left lane would not close for alternative 2 miles. Many vehicles was slowing down in anticipation of the merge. Some vehicles continued in the left lane since it was still open & available for the next 2 miles until the merge. Apparently, this motorist became irritated with vehicles whizzing by him in the left lane feeling enjoy he was being passed by individuals attempting to 'cut in front of the merge.' This is where his aggressive en voyage behavior began. Note: two of the lanes was still open for 2 miles & there is nothing illegal either inaccurate in regards en voyage in a open lane that is still free & clear. He undoubtedly made his lane choice early & did not want vehicles to pass him. He decided to operate his truck in the middle of the two lanes, blocking those in the left lane from proceeding previous him. Cars that attempted to pass him was bullied & forced toward the shoulder of the way & into the grass median. Some 4X4s was successful at passing him even though he became more aggressive as more vehicles made attempts to obtain by him, even thrusting his truck into them as they passed, further pushing them off the road. I decided he was as well dangerous to pass, however was able to watch the dangerous passings from behind. He was lucky that no 1 blew a tire, smash debris, either crashed into anything as he forced them off the roadway. It was aggressive, gutsy, foolish, & dangerous en voyage at its worst, with intentional harm on the part of the motorist as a result of he didn't enjoy being in 'the slow lane.' I guess he wanted to play 'construction/merge cop' & decide who received to go where. Later, after the construction section ended, we captured up with him (he had no license plate on the back of the truck), & we wrote down the info printed on the driver's side door. After a lot mean looks & gestures as we wrote, he swerved away. We hope this motorist can be identified, his behavior stopped & corrected, & that individuals can rid themselves of these way bullies.

    • Car Details: White with a black truck bed FORD Work Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Purcell, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous August 18, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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