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  • Encountered at roughly 11:45 PM on 101S at Fair Oaks in Santa Clara on Saturday August 4, 2007. This early 90s Accord sedan was doing all of fifty in the fast lane. Traffic was extremely light so he wasn't causing a jam. He was, however, weaving severely in his lane although he did manage to somehow stay in it. I think all knows weaving is a general sign of drunkenness, however few police have as well spoke (in the paper, on the news, etc) that drunks often operate WAY as well slow for the situation as well. I phoned the Highway Patrol, however it was few minutes before I managed to obtain through. I doubt they pulled him over.

    • Car Details: dark blue HONDA Accord sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Santa Clara, California, US
    Anonymous August 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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