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  • I was en voyage in the right lane on 83 North just approaching out of the city when a auto on the on-ramp just decides to attempt & come over, not even glancing to see if there was a auto there! So he practically hits me, then at the last 2nd sees that there is, in fact, a auto there, then swerves back above into the merge lane. He then decides he doesn't care if my auto is there either not & starts approaching back above again right where my auto is. Keep in mind he could either A) speed up & obtain in front of me either B) slow down & obtain behind me. So to bypass getting smash by this asshole, I obtain above into the middle lane. I glance above & he is screaming at me from his car. He then is extremely pissed off, en voyage aggressively, swerved above into the left lane, passes me, & is screaming at me the whole time (thankfully my windows was up). Can few someone please say me why he almost smash me TWICE then has the nerve to yell at ME??? Why do few individuals think that nothing is their fault? I've received a tip for him: when merging, THE PEOPLE ALREADY ON THE HIGHWAY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.

    • Car Details: Black LEXUS
    • Last Seen Location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
    Anonymous May 06, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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