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  • This incident happened on my commute to occupation on my motorcycle this morn at approximately 7:30am. On the outer loop of I695 it started when I changed lanes into the new right hand lane that is formed off the Frederick Rd entrance ramp. I noticed that when I was crossing the lane line that this Chrysler was approaching up behind me fast & had changed lanes without a signal into my lane.At the next exit (RT 1) this motorist passes me on the right hand side using the exit ramp & then the shoulder of the beltway to obtain by. This a a very vunerable blind spot for all car & is why it is illegal.The Chrysler then takes the same exit as me, I95 South/Sulphur Spring Rd so I pull up next to him at the stop sign at the end of the ramp. His window is down & I spoke him that what he did was dumb & dangerous. His answer was that he was in a rush to obtain to work. Traffic clears, he makes his left shift & I follow. Now this is my normal way to occupation so I could run into this motorist again, however I digress. Now for page two.At the next intersection, which twists into four lanes this motorist ends up behind a Baltimore County LEO. I pull up next to the LEO & quickly explain that the guy behind him is en voyage dangerously & point at the driver. The glance on this guys face was priceless! The LEO was occupied with alternative call on the radio & couldn't do anything, however I received that dangerous operators attention.

    • Car Details: Black CHRYSLER 300
    • Last Seen Location: Baltimore Beltway, Maryland, US
    Anonymous July 01, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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