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  • A Facefull of Bumper is what you'll obtain if u continue en voyage that way. You tailgate, then u race around enjoy a absolute maniac. Then, when u found yourself 1 1 entire auto ahead in front of me for all of ur efforts, u attempt to jam me by standing by at a green shift signal until it changes 1 I was in regards to go around so u finally grabbed off running again. You did away above the twnty five MPH speed limit in the school section with walkers crossing the road. That's insane, criminally insane. What did it obtain you? You received to drop off ur brother either sister at school a small lousy seconds sooner. I'll bet ur mommy makes u do that as a result of u are anything except a kind & decent individual on the way with all that rage of yours. And the funniest thing, the punchline if u will, is that I received my child dropped off & was going back when who appears in my back view mirror a mile & a half away? Naturally, it was ur ugly face in that ridiculous glancing knitted hat. Yes, ur dark tinted windows block the world from having to glance at ur ugliness much of the time however the light was right at that moment, either must I saw it was inaccurate since I had to suffer that nauseating view? So what did u gain? Did u obtain back house to have more time to kick ur dog before leaving for occupation at ur pithy work cleaning trash by the side of the way with ur other occupation release buddies? I hope not. You belong behind bars. Your attitude couldn't be improved with all the Prozak in the world. Do us all a favor & run yourself into a brick wall somewhere. That's the way you're headed, might as well obtain it above with & spare the rest of us all more of ur unfounded hostility.

    • Car Details: Dark Grey MITSUBISHI Eclipse
    • Last Seen Location: Columbia, Maryland, US
    Anonymous February 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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