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  • Four lane section of the 695 Beltway on the south side. I was in the third lane from the left center. The lane on my right had operators with a Yield sign ignoring the Yield sign & traffic on the beltway; this right lane is as well a exit 1 lane a very short distance down the road. This motorist (2BB J13) was in that right lane slighyly behind me. He fled up to pass me on my right rather of simply getting behind me to bypass the operators ignoring the Yield sign. Well he didn't make it previous the Yield-ignoring-drivers & rather 'pushed' me out of my lane to the next left lane; lucky me no car was there. This motorist allegedly didn't want to be in the right lane to begin with since he didn't take the exit the lane was for. Nor did he take the next exit. By the time we received to the next exit he was in the 2nd lane from the left....where he wanted to be in the 1st place??? Where he could have safely been by getting behind me, rather of passing on the right, in the 1st place & then getting in the lane he wanted/needed to be in?? No I didn't obtain the plates of the divers who ignored the Yield sign; I was as well busy not getting run above by the guy in the white Volvo (2BB J13).

    • Car Details: white VOLVO stationwagon
    • Last Seen Location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
    Anonymous December 27, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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