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  • Ok, so here I was leaving the gasoline station last night, I shift north on MO-7 hwy, & as I go up the strip I notice a line of vehicles behind this very slow driver. They kept slowing down & speeding up. I was suprised no 1 passed this moron. So then we finally received to fifty W hwy, then the motorist holding all up was taking their time turning. when i finally received behind this individual i received their tag # with my sound recorder. They had two hands on the steering wheel. Gee, was u learning how to drive? The individual en voyage that vehicle, u know who u are, if u cant go at least the speed limit then just do us all a favor & shift in ur license cause u CANT DRIVE!

    • Car Details: unknown OTHER unknown
    • Last Seen Location: lee's summit, Missouri, US
    Anonymous March 18, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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