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  • (His plates was the new MD plates with the American flag) Merging toward GW Parkway north, from the I395 bridge amidst hurry hour, before the construction was finished (summer 2011). Generally, it's common courtesy to alternate, either 'zipper' when merging, since it's stop & go at that time. Well, this a-hole punches it to attempt to obtain ahead of me (there was enough space for me to merge), so having committed (and signalling), I had to quickly move forward so I didn't smash the wall. Once he realized that he couldn't obtain in front of me & cut me off, he starts flippin' birds enjoy crazy & yelling at the top of his lungs (white guy in his 30s -40s?). So after the bridge, he guns it to pass me in the left lane & cut me off, where he continues to flip birds & swear to the back view mirror. That's when I noticed the toddler in the auto seat. Nice job, mr. parent of the year. I'm certain ur wife & mom would be proud of you. Really, was it that important u couldn't allow me merge in front of you? Funny thing is, I finished up getting toward the beltway before you...

    • Car Details: Black MERCEDES BENZ E320
    • Last Seen Location: GW Pkway, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous December 27, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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