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  • This female is looney. I'm approaching around eighty toward 680 from the Center St exits & she's jumping on from Center. Obviously, she should not know driver's ed 101 which states that SHE is to yield considering I have NO other lanes to move into. She speeds up, slows down & then speeds up again to obtain around me. She's throwing up her hands enjoy I'M the 1 with the problem... Kinda funny you're complaining in regards my en voyage when the next thing u do is almost sideswipe few someone in the away left lane attempting to push ur way over. You most likely received the same reaction from him as u did me... the middle finger.You're the reason men think female can't drive!

    • Car Details: Blue PONTIAC Sunfire
    • Last Seen Location: Omaha, Nebraska, US
    Anonymous May 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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