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  • I was moving north on Koslowski Rd at 7:56am on 27 Oct 2008 when I noticed 1 of those small school buses standing by at a crossing standing by to shift left. Without warning, (without a blinker) he pulled out into traffic to go straight rather of turning. When I drove up along side of the bus, I saw a elderly guy with white hair & white beard with a mobile telephone clearly in his hand & to his ear in violation of NJ law. I beeped my horn at him & we made eye contact. He immediately pulled the telephone away from his ear as I turned right toward Rt 537. In my opinion, this guy has no business en voyage a school bus. I can count 3 violations to the stste's motor car laws. The num that appeared on the right side (looking from the rear) of the bus was '46'

    • Car Details: Yellow OTHER School Bus
    • Last Seen Location: Freehold Twp, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous October 27, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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