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  • Driver with CDL,who was tailgating me in the area of 3300S,sb i-15,on 05-25-07,while he was speeding & attempting to push me on same way,lane was 1st right of fast lane,time 1128 am.Driver was behind wheels of semi truck flat bed.UHP trooper did not see it,because semi trucker,slowed down,that is my guess.I attempted to signal UHP trooper & later phoned them,when I grabbed off highway & reported him.I was en voyage 65-70mph,as limit is,because traffic was hard.He was moving easy eighty MPH at moment,full loaded flat bed.Danger on way is this man.Photo is taken,and will go to UDOT.CDL will go in trash soon for him.

    • Car Details: white OTHER peterbuilt-tractor
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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