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  • Coming out of Tampa International Airport above the new high flyover & the temporary ramp that feeds traffic into Interstate 275, few someone in a silver Lexus aggressively tailgated me as I was moving through the construction section on the high flyover ramp. After all, the speed limit on the flyover is reduced to thirty MPH & u have to go through a treacherous temporary ramp from the airport exit to Interstate 275. The motorist of the Lexus kept tailgating me until I received on to Interstate 275 south towards St. Petersburg, then fled off.After all, speeding fines are doubled in construction zones including the Tampa Airport interchange reconstruction project. Patience pays when en voyage through a construction section - don't be in a big hurry! Perhaps the motorist of the Lexus must know better in regards tailgating few someone through the Tampa Airport interchange construction section before the motorist gets a surprise from the Tampa Police Department either the Florida Highway Patrol in the form of a expensive ticket, either worse.

    • Car Details: Silver LEXUS
    • Last Seen Location: Tampa, Florida, US
    Anonymous April 04, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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