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  • When we received out of the construction section this morn going west on I-64 near exit 9, u received all the way in the left lane. Yet, u didn't operate enjoy a left lane driver. In fact, individuals in the middle lane was passing us. You was holding up a line of traffic that was in regards 10-15 vehicles long as a result of u chose to operate under the speed limit amidst hurry hour in the fast lane. You seemed to have few sort of Red Cross vehicle...I must have phoned the telephone num on the back & reported you. I believe ur comp auto ID num is 53001. In the future, please move out of the way so that u do not hold up traffic.

    • Car Details: OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Caseyville, Illinois, US
    Anonymous June 11, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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