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  • You was leaving Bahamas bar. You pulled out in front of me on freeway ten & continued to operate at forty mph. At 1st I thought that u was just a slow accelerator however u continued at forty MPH even after u passed the fifty five MPH speed limit sign. I did pass u as did the auto behind me. I know that u had out-of-state plates & might have been unfamiliar with the highway. I don't think that ur auto just magically materialized into that tavern's parking lot so u should have known that u travelled on a freeway to obtain there. In my professional medical opinion, u had 1 big telltale sign of DUI: en voyage excessively slow however this could as well be a sign of unfamiliarity. It was my gut to call the sheriff's department with ur plate numbers, however I gave u the benefit of the doubt that u was in unfamiliar territory at night. If u was drunk, I hope that u arrived at ur destination safely & if u was being careful in unfamiliar surroundings, I'm glad that I didn't call in ur plates.

    • Car Details: Black (not sure as it was night) FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin, US
    Anonymous February 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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