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  • What a total bunghole who was tailgating as a result of I was moving the speed limit & when I did brake to tell 'BACK OFF' u just became more & more aggressive. When I went into the school zone, u lost ur shit as a result of I was moving 15-20 IN A FREAKIN SCHOOL ZONE & then TRIED TO PASS ME IN THE TURN LANE?! To then aggressively follow me when I attempted to shift off to side streets was uncool & then when I went to the gasoline station as a result of I knew they'd be outside, u phoned ME A BITCH? Buddy, u better calm down as a result of I did nothing wrong. Then, saying u was freaked out as a result of I was moving so slow & u braking & almost caused a accident with ur kid in the auto & then lying to the police when u spoke u was so concerned with ur kid in the car. Seriously, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DRIVE AGGRESSIVELY either say them that u thought I was 'challenging you' & THEN DRIVE AGGRESSIVELY WITH YOUR CHILD IN THE CAR? I have children & know that the police do go along that way & I do not demand a ticket as a result of u are in a rush & go all skitzo. FUCK YOU

    • Car Details: Silver CHEVROLET Expedition
    • Last Seen Location: Bend, Oregon, US
    Anonymous February 08, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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