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  • Driving on I75 South in Macon, GA This light blue Ford Expedition was tailgating me by in regards nine in. I was behind two vehicles & a log truck. This guy then whipped around me and, forcing me off the way & almost into the guardrail, & wedged himself in the six foot space between me & the auto in front of me; all while moving around seventy mph. He then forced off the way two more vehicles & fled off at im guessing 110mph. I did catch up with him in regards fifteen miles down the way & he swerved into my lane & then fled off again. He glanced to be mid 50's with white hair, glasses, & on this day, a yellow shirt. I phoned the local authorites & basically received blown off. Watch out for this jerkoff!

    • Car Details: Light Blue FORD Expedition
    • Last Seen Location: Macon, Georgia, US
    Anonymous June 15, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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