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  • I was in the left lane of the 204, headed Eastbound coming King George Blvd, at 1:23pm when I met this hero. She (female driver) was in the right lane beside me as slowly passed her. When I was in regards halfway previous her, she began to drift into my lane, causing me to have to move left to bypass a collision. I then fled up to obtain around this dumbass & noticed 2 things: the woman motorist was just smiling & yakking it up with her man companion, & the car has the blue military officer's sticker on the windshield. Hey, u want to operate inattentively as u share jokes with ur occupants? Well, the joke's on you, & the whole world can see it now! BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Car Details: White ISUZU Trooper
    • Last Seen Location: Savannah, Georgia, US
    Anonymous March 17, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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