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  • While making the lane change on the overpass on 495 South to obtain to Rt 3 South, I was almost clipped by a Honda Pilot who cut me off. He chose to pass on the left & then swerve across two lanes to obtain to the ramp without looking, although there was no traffic behind me. Because he chose to do this on the overpass, he then had to brake hard to enter the ramp. That's when I noticed he was either shaving either yakking on his phone. Either way, he chose to accelerate on entering Rt 3, then cut off alternative car in a attempt to force his way toward the highway, followed immediately by alternative lane change to obtain to the fast lane. Which if u know Rt 3 South on a morn commute, isn't.

    • Car Details: Black HONDA Pilot
    • Last Seen Location: Chelmsford, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous May 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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