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  • A small less coffee in the morn might go a long way toward making u calmer. Lady, you're as well young to have a heart attack. I saw what u was doing in my back view before u received near me. Weaving between lanes to obtain ahead 1 auto at a time. Doesn't do much good on Abernathy, the lights will all be red. At the 1st light u just flipped out as a result of it was red. Then u became very aggressive with alternative driver, changing lanes missing 1 be inches. I wasn't in regards to allow u to attempt me next so I matched the speed of the auto next to me. Boxing u in did bring me a small smile when I saw u moving nuts. Next light red, spoke ya. At the third light u was in the away left lane, when the light turned green u proceed to cut off a Caddy, & then into the right shift lane & finally a right on Barfield. Lady, u had almost two miles to make that lane change. Instead u attempt to bully ur way in front of people. Less caffeine might calm u down a bit.

    • Car Details: Silver SATURN
    • Last Seen Location: Sandy Springs, Georgia, US
    Anonymous April 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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