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  • I had the green arrow to shift left on to GA400 from Lenox Rd/Buckhead Loop. The oncoming traffic has a yield sign. This clown not 1 cuts off the individual to my right as well making a left he crosses into my lane. Both of us had to smash brakes to bypass this person. He then accelerates quickly & in a way merges into the 400N traffic. His idea of merge was causing alternative individual to smash their brakes. He then moves to the away left lane. Ahead the speed limit drops to 45mph which no one does however he's still in the away left lane approaching up to the toll plaza. The lanes of 400 are very clearly marked. The two left lanes are for cruise card holders only. Being from Wisconsin he had to know that didn't mean him. He then had to cut back to the right 3 lanes into much slower traffic almost smashing yet alternative person. I happily passed him moving through the cruise card lanes & didn't see him again. Hopefully he was on his way back to Wisconsin, we don't demand him in Atlanta. We have enough nuts of our own already.

    • Car Details: Grey NISSAN Altima
    • Last Seen Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
    Anonymous January 04, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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