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  • Lifted truck with silver occupation rack on back. Passed this guy while moving through Bend, south on Hwy 97. 5-6 miles later one time outside of city limits, this guy speeds previous me, so I move behind him to go around a slow auto ahead of me. The SOB brake-checks me. As I accelerate to go around him one time he passes the slower car, he flips me off & swerves into my lane to attempt to run me off the road. I speed up & stay ahead of him (running 85+ in a posted fifty five zone), hoping for a speed trap up ahead, however of course there's not ever a cop around when u demand one. After in regards ten minutes, I guess he received bored & grabbed a exit. I dunno what this guy's problem is, however he allegedly doesn't enjoy motorcycles & likely doesn't ride either given how he was en voyage around me.

    • Car Details: White TOYOTA Tundra
    • Last Seen Location: Bend, Oregon, US
    Anonymous August 22, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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