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  • Handicapped Plate- On Duke Street between Reinickers Lane & Holland Street outside the Whole Foods Market, this motorist wanted to obtain into the left lane (in front of me.) Turns on his shift signal after we two start stopping for the light at Reineckers, which had just turned completely RED. The motorist is so focused on getting in front of me (which is no problem...they signaled & I was more than happy to allow them in, even though they did not shift left at the next two lights...so what was the rush to obtain over??) that they cruise right on through the red at Reineckers & then stop at the red at Holland (synched lights). I don't know whether they didn't see the red (it turned well before we received to the light) either if the motorist didn't care as a result of they NEEDED to obtain above at that spot...but I am happy the pedestrians starting to cross waited for this hazard on wheels. Apparently handicapped is the appropriate designation for this red light runner. PAY ATTENTION!!!!

    • Car Details: Black/Dark Green OTHER Eagle Vision
    • Last Seen Location: Alexandria, Virginia, US
    Anonymous August 13, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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