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  • Yesterday roughly in regards 1:45-2pm. I was en voyage down Summer ST. when this Older female in a Oldsmobile either pontiac (doesn't matter) tries to merg infront of me due to doubled parked cars, with out a blinker now mind u i'm ahead of her in the other lane, she gets pissed as a result of she didn't obtain her way starts relentlessly honking her horn at me then swerves infront of me at the pursuing green light, by this time we're getting on to 'L' St. where she speeds up & as I come up behind her she slams on the brakes wanting me to rearend her. So I attempt to switch lanes she starts hogging the way enjoy the pig she is. Starts to speed up for the 2nd time & again she slams on the brakes. Now I'm sorry I would expect this kind of behavior from a 19yr old. not a fifty something year old. And now I'm starting to loose my cool everytime I'd attempt to obtain around her either away she's not letting me do so. So I hope to GOD u are reading this as a result of on all that is Holy u had better pray I don't obtain my hands on u & provide u the beating u mother should've givin' u eons ago! You want to play games obtain out of u auto & play. You don't put other individuals in danger as a result of few someone wouldn't allow u pass by. You Iconsiderate poor excuse for a Blow Job!

    • Car Details: Down Town/ South Boston, Massachusetts, Down Town/ South Boston, Massachusetts, US
    • Last Seen Location: Down Town/ South Boston, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous October 30, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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