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  • This is absolutely myself I'm flagging. Today I pulled out of my parking space at Francis Tuttle - had glanced behind me - left, then right, then started to pull out. Out of nowhere this individual in a white car is right behind me honking as if *I* cut them off...hehe oops, I did... So, I'm sorry white auto motorist person. I'm extremely sick & in alot of pain, & wasn't paying attention. Please forgive me. That was really impolite & inconsiderate of me. And, yes, I'll make certain to glance at least five times before pulling out this afternoon. Again, please accept my apology, I am truly sorry.

    • Car Details: Black PONTIAC Sunfire
    • Last Seen Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous March 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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