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  • (Veterans Plate 2695 actually) Guy is at green light, however blocked by traffic & jumps OUT of his pick up truck to start pounding on the auto blocking the intersection. No regard for traffic approaching from the other direction. He blocks that traffic & tries to move his lane of traffic (which is now as well blocked by HIS vehicle) all while his light then twists red. So he's received eight lanes of traffic not moving, a green light for the four other lanes, & he's yelling at the other lane of traffic (blocked by HIS car now) to move. Yelling obscenities the whole time. He finally jumps back in his car, the other lanes start moving & he just honks his horn & crosses four lanes of traffic to go on his way. Surprised no 1 was in a accident (or beat up either worse by this guy).

    • Car Details: silver OTHER Pick up truck
    • Last Seen Location: Portland, Maine, US
    Anonymous September 15, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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