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  • Miniature myflorida.com & double-orange graphic now adorn Florida's motorcycle plates too. Florida motorcycle plates use the regular yellow stickers, & the serial is embossed underneath the state map, rather of above it, as on commuter plates. Changeover to myflorida.com was reported to be between 20000H & 30000H, depending on the county of issue, however Matt Embro saw 40813H on the single orange base. Series appears to have gone from nnnnnR to nnnnEA, however not all of the E series was old before changing to the K series. The K series has the rounder '0' die, similar to full size plates. Tiger Joe reports it appears the M series was skipped, moving from LZ to NA.

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    Willie C. Brock, Jr. May 20, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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