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  • Nov 6th 2:35 PM. I flagged this truck yesterday & this morn I believe I saw the same truck. I believe I received the plate num inaccurate the 1st time (unless they have two trucks with similar plates). Route 2 West. I was pursuing u from North Concord to East Saint Johnsbury in ur new Central Vermont Public Service electric line truck. You was less than 1 auto length behind the auto u was pursuing the entire time & was crossing the double yellow centerline around just in regards all left shift (cutting corners short). It was drizzling out & streets was wet. Hey jackass, slow down before u kill someone, not after the fact. First flag was here: http://www.platewire.com/viewrate.aspx?rid=30342 I did call CVPS & bring it to their attention yesterday & they spoke they would have a meeting with the operators in my district.

    • Car Details: ORANGE OTHER 10 Wheel Utility Truck w/lift
    • Last Seen Location: Concord, Vermont, US
    Anonymous November 07, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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