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  • Was at light on 116 south just before UMass. The way splits into two lanes, since 1 was full I switched to the other lane, pulled up to the white line & switched gears. In the left hand lane was a purple mini VAN that had stopped almost a auto length before the white line. When the light turned green, I gunned it, & found the mini VAN had done the same. Despite the fact that he was behind me, he continued to accelerate & almost ran me off the road. I beeped & he backed off. For the next 3 hundred feet he kept fifty feet behind me, however as soon as 116 turned into a two lane road, he came speeding up the left hand lane & passed me. Likely moving 75-85mph in a 55mph zone. I noted as he flew down the way he cut back & forth from the lanes without using his shift signals. Ended up catching up to the car at the road nine shift into target. Noted he had few sort of white eagle decal on the back window. The motorist noticed I was writing his plate down, & pealed out to the right, again with no shift signal, & quite likely without checking if anybody was approaching up that lane.

    • Car Details: Purple OTHER Mini Van
    • Last Seen Location: Amherst, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 26, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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