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  • Driver, a while male, was tailgating my moped on Hwy 57, between County Line Road & Mequon Road, even when I was well above the posted speed limit of 30. He made few attempts to pass on the right side of this two lane road. When he was near Mequon Road, he went around the right side of two construction barrels meant to move traffic two 1 lane of this four lane intersection. Driver pulled into parking lot of a shopping middle on that corner & when confronted proclaimed that I was the not good motorist & en voyage well under the speed limit. Driver was impolite in his answer at 1 point making a threat against my moped. Driver walked away & was wearing a 'Impressions Day Spa' t-Shirt, which was the business where he walked into.He certainly made a impresson. Bad & dangerous Driver.

    • Car Details: Grey MERCEDES BENZ Unknown
    • Last Seen Location: Mequon, Wisconsin, US
    Anonymous September 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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