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  • Westbound I-70 between Odessa & Bates City, seven a.m. This jerk thinks he owns the left lane. I was passing a semi that was moving under the speed limit (I was moving five over) when this jerks comes up from no where & gets as close as he can. The semi was speeding up as we was moving down hill, however I maintained my speed. I received above as soon as I was safely previous the semi. This guy stayed in the left lane for few miles, 1 getting above to pass few someone on the right when traffic was entering at Oak Grove. Maybe u must obtain up earlier so u don't have to be such a jerk on the road!

    • Car Details: white BUICK
    • Last Seen Location: Odessa, Missouri, US
    Anonymous July 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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