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  • This nut work en voyage toward Milford from Nashua on 101A & was speeding in & out of traffic so fast without signaling, I thought for certain that he would cause a accident. I saw at least four close calls, including 1 that ONE of the trucks he was tailgating moved above to allow him by & I guess that was not good enough for this Ass Clown. The truck then signaled him to obtain off, I think to pop him one, & the nut work acts enjoy he is pulling into the parking lot the truck is pointing for him to enter, then at the last minute he swerves back into traffic almost creaming the auto already in traffic flow. The best part of this whole experience is my fifteen yr old son was with me & he was disgusted with this nuts behavior. The funny thing was, for all his speeding up & weaving in & out, I was with him through few traffic lights doing just in regards five miles above the speed limit. All those stunts to be 4-5 vehicles ahead. We lost him at the lights at Shaw's. I was so tempted to follow him to see where he was off to, hopefully to the emergency room. I can see no other reason to be so aggressive.

    • Car Details: Red PONTIAC Small
    • Last Seen Location: Amherst, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous June 14, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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