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  • I was going southeast on freeway 3 coming the crossing of Highway 3 & Magnolia when a Ford F-350 pulled out in front of me from Magnolia. I had to slow agressively to bypass smashing him. As a result I was 1 a small feet from the back of the truck when the motorist brake checked me causing me to crash on my brakes. Obviously this motorist assumes that his 11,100 pound truck gives him the right to operate dangerously & put the safety of people at risk. I'd love to settle this enjoy real men however we know without his truck he is just a coward. He definitely deserves to pay a fortune for his insurance.

    • Car Details: White FORD F-350
    • Last Seen Location: Webster, Texas, US
    Anonymous July 14, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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