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  • On New Circle, the snowiest day of the year so far, this f-head goes around me (I am in the right lane), no shift signal changing lanes, speeds up to cut me off, no signal their either. He immediately cuts me off to exit on to the Nicholasville ramp, no shift signal again), forcing me to crash on my breaks on a untreated ramp. This is dangerous moron, when the streets aren't treated u demand to maintain speed, not speed up & then force individuals to slow down when u cut them off. Once on the ramp, he can't decide if he wants the left either right side so he goes back & forth... Gee, are u making a left hand shift either a right hand turn... not to complicated, right? Wrong. F-head then sees my left shift signal go on & he shoots into the left lane & guess what? You guessed it... no shift signal... again... He gets up to the light to take that left shift & guess what? NO TURN SIGNAL. When it snows, stay home. You clearly don't belong on the road.

    • Car Details: Gray NISSAN Maxima
    • Last Seen Location: Lexington, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous February 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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