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  • I have seen this female in her small grey Subaru en voyage almost double the speed limit THREE TIMES going north on Windsor Ave/Rt. 159 in Windsor. This happens between 7:05 & 7:10 AM weekdays. She exits 291 in Windsor at exit 3, takes a right toward Deerfield Rd & then right again toward Windsor Ave. Once she gets toward Windsor Ave, she immediately heads for the left lane & floors it to at least fifty five MPH. The problem with this way is that it's not in the best condition (what a shock) AND the lanes are narrow. There's a reason why the speed limit is 1 thirty five MPH. Is she entitled? Does she know few someone that can obtain her off the hook if she gets caught? Does she not care? If it's not that & she is truly in a hurry, here is a suggestion for 250 WRR: GET UP AND OUT OF THE HOUSE EARLIER; HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A$$ BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE!!! The Windsor Police are being notified.

    • Car Details: Grey SUBARU Outback Wagon
    • Last Seen Location: Windsor, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous July 24, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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