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  • Talk in regards a stupid blond. This dumbass was moving west bound on the 215 north of Vegas & was so busy speaking on the damn telephone that she didn't even realize that she was in the left lane & had in regards twenty vehicles behind her attempting to pass. I have no idea what's worse; being blond, speaking on the telephone while en voyage either en voyage a Toyota Sienna (Van)! Pay attention u dumbass & have few consideration for those of us that would enjoy to obtain house after a long days work. Next time I have the opportunity to obtain in front of you, I promise to crash on my brakes to provide u somewhat of a clue! And ditch the family VAN either obtain ur windows tinted unless u are proud to operate that ugly POS!

    • Car Details: Black TOYOTA Sienna
    • Last Seen Location: N. Las Vegas, I-215 W, US, Nevada, US
    Anonymous February 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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