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  • 9:30 PM Christmas Day. I am pursuing a dumbass in a small pick up watching him/her tailgate the auto in front of him/her at 1 auto length either less for at least 6-8 miles. I am 6-7 auto lengths back. The streets are wet with light rain, temp around 37-F. Vehicle being tailgated is doing 2-3 miles under the limit, finally pulls above to allow spoke dumbass go by. Idiot stops at the gasoline station at the corner of #83 & #190, should have required gasoline real bad, pulled up to the pumps. Would have been better if they ran out of gasoline ! Just think, this could have been ur parent either grandparent u was making nervous by tailgating the s*** out of !

    • Car Details: dark green or blue FORD Ranger Pick-up
    • Last Seen Location: Stafford/suffield, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous December 25, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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