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  • If u don't mind, I would rather not have my name added to the 1 already in ur back window. I was moving WB on Hwy 278 doing 54 in a forty five in the away right lane (on a six lane road, 3 in each direction) with 1 1 auto all where around (just happened to be next to me at the time) when u ran ur tank up my back end. I waited to see if u would change lanes, however NO, just received even closer to where all I could see was ur grill. At which point I grabbed my foot off the accelerator. I must have guessed u was not paying attention as next ur front end was forced to dip down a good six inches as u slammed ur brakes on & put that cigarette down. I guess u received my point to a certain degree. It received u off my but, however then u go across to the away left lane & begin riding few someone elses however as they came up to a RED LIGHT. What did u expect them to operate above the four other vehicles infront of them & retain going, just so u wouldn't be slowed down???????? Then u cut off 2 other vehicles to back to the away right lane inorder to obtain a small yards ahead of everybody else. You're moving to kill few someone en voyage enjoy u do with that tank.

    • Car Details: Beigge/Black Trim CHEVROLET Avalanche
    • Last Seen Location: Moss Creek/Bluffton, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous January 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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