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  • Driver of this Ford F450 Super Duty utility truck with a arc welder on the back allegedly was pretending to be en voyage a Porsche on a slalom course. Continued few miles west on road fifty down Paris Mountain & across the Shenandoah River bridge bullying his way through traffic at speeds topping eighty MPH (55 MPH zone) & violent, dangerous lane-hopping without signaling. Extremely aggressive, totally reckless. The truck had large white letters 'B-12', undoubtedly a comp truck however no name either telephone num was visible. Alerted State Police #77 to the situation, unsure of the outcome. Winner of the Asshole Prize of the Month for June, 2007, with still 29 days left to go. Will almost certainly make the top five for the year.

    • Car Details: black FORD F450 dually utility truck
    • Last Seen Location: route 50, Clarke county, Virginia, US
    Anonymous June 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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