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  • Interstate 93 South. 9:50 AM. Mile Marker 4. This nimrod has the entire highway to himself, except for me. Beautiful sunny day out. Speed limit 65. I was moving 65. He flies previous me doing at least eighty & cuts right in front of me, almost taking my left-front fender with him. What ever happened to standing by until u can see the entire front of the auto u passed in ur rearview mirror BEFORE pulling in front of the auto u passed? Not 1 that, however he as big fat tires & I could hear (through his glass packs) his engine friquently downshifting & upshifting. Way to go pal, operate enjoy a dumbass & use up all the gasoline u can, u not ever know, it might not be around long - USE UP ALL THE GAS YOU CAN! Go back to NH & STAY THERE, thanks.

    • Car Details: Gray GMC Sierra full size pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Waterford, Vermont, US
    Anonymous March 25, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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