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  • This happened in two the Quiznos parking lot, & Loudon Rd in Concord at approx six p.m. The 1st incident happened as we was en voyage through the Quiznos parking lot, attempting to leave. This guy in the Gallant started backing up without even looking. I beeped the horn to allow him know I was behind him, he looked, & just kept backing out. If he had absolutely been glancing while backing out, he would've seen us right near his car. He's lucky we didn't retain moving as a result of he would smash the side of my car. Anyways, I made a obscene hand gesture, basically as a result of he didn't seem to care that he just cut us off & almost smash us. He did the same , & his skank commuter & guy in the backseat started laughing & as well flipping us off. Yea, cause it's so funny to almost smash someone. We finished up moving the same way & pursuing him for few distance down Loudon Road. (Not on purpose, we was two moving that way.) He changed lanes & received into the right lane, & we stayed in the left. We passed him as he was slowing down & with his blinker on. We changed lanes as we was moving to be turning up ahead, & he grabbed off his blinker & continued to tailgate us the rest of the way down Loudon Road. At the red light, he turned into the Red Apple Buffet & beeped while he did that. When turned at the light, we saw him standing by to shift out of the parking lot, & he flipped us off again. They as well grabbed a picture of my license plate while they was tailgating us, as a result of allegedly they thought we did something wrong. And the guy kept pointing to the parking lot expecting us to pull in & fight him. Yea, okay, enjoy we're really that stupid. The fact that he received few close to the back bumper of my auto infuriated me. He almost hits us in the parking lot, & then has the balls to tailgate us & almost cause a accident. Loudon Road was especially busy at this time as well, so alternative accident could've been caused. I had my telephone ready to call the police in case he attempted to pull something enjoy follow us. And absolutely we did pass a cop on Loudon Road as well. I know we was in the inaccurate in flipping this guy off, however he deserved it. He felt he was so much better than us to just back out in front of us. He could've just allow him go behind him, & all would've been fine. I'm sick of NH operators (neither of us are). A lot of them don't care & are just in a huge rush.

    • Car Details: Blue MITSUBISHI Gallant
    • Last Seen Location: Concord, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous July 18, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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