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  • Interstate 93 North. Mile marker 2. We was moving up the long hill. Speed limit is 65. I was moving 65. There was NO other traffic on the way whatsoever, except this careless fellow & I. He comes flying up my rear, does a wraparound pass & cuts me off - almost taking my left-front quarter panel with him without all signals whatsoever. I wonder why, when there is no other traffic on the freeway this motorist has to cut above after passing me - in regards 2' in front of my car when he had the entire freeway to move over. Hey pal, just as a result of I was moving the speed limit DOES NOT mean that u have to show me that u are a lunatic of a driver. Sometimes I wish I was a unmarked State Trooper. I would have ticketed his dumb butt BIG TIME.

    • Car Details: white/white FORD F150 pickup truck w/cap
    • Last Seen Location: Waterford, Vermont, US
    Anonymous March 18, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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