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  • South on 287 & Hwy 52nd - this guy was in such a rush that he was darting in & out of lanes as well quickly. He narrowly missed few cars. If that wasn't enough, he started passing individuals on the right by using the shoulder & the easement lanes for merging traffic. Funny, as soon as he saw the freeway patrol had few someone pulled above on the north bound lane, he slowed down! Jerk! Get up ten minutes earlier if u are late for work. If u are doing it for the speed rush, I hope u & ur fusion wind up in the ditch with few MAJOR powertrain & body damage without taking anybody else with you.

    • Car Details: Burgundy FORD Fusion
    • Last Seen Location: Longmont, Colorado, US
    Anonymous June 26, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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